Ordering & Product Info

Timeframe of Orders

Most Products are made to order and for the more detailed items such as the Bitless Halter/Bridles & Bridles, they can take up to 10 days to be made. Most orders I can have posted within 6 days but basic Rope Halters, Lead Ropes & Reins etc are generally completed and mailed out within 2-3 days. In saying this, there can sometimes be delays as well depending on the time of year due to large amounts of orders around Christmas time, holidays etc so please don’t hesitate to contact me prior to purchasing if you have any concern regarding the timeframe of an item being received.




Rope/Cord Colours & Hardware

Almost all products are available in other colours so if you see something you like but would prefer a different colour please feel free to ask. As much as I’d Love to, we unfortunately don’t have every single colour/colour combo in stock as there are thousands, so I keep the most popular in stock but am generally happy to order in others if requested.

The majority of our hardware is Nickel Plate, however we also offer the choice of SS or Brass Hardware on request, price varies depending on which you choose so please contact us for further information.




All Rope Products are handmade by us, so, if you need something made to size we can do it! I work off a generic Measurements chart but as we all know Horses & Ponies come in all shapes & sizes so what fits one Horse Sz may not fit another so we offer you to provide us with your own measurements and we will make it to them so you have your Horses/Ponies perfect fit, the same goes with Reins, Leads etc if you want something longer/shorter than what we have listed please contact us 😃